• Whilst parties were initially skeptical about the potential value of mediation, it has been hugely successful and good value for money.  Suzette Davenport, Deputy Chief Constable, Northamptonshire Police.
  • The conflict management training had the staff talking about it for days, it was some of the best training that they’d experienced in years. Jason Dudley, Base 25, Wolverhampton
  • This course has taught me skills to prepare and structure the way in which I negotiate and mediate at work, in a way that would not have happened previously.  David Johnson, Virgin Trains London Euston
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course, a great mix of learning, hearing true scenarios, lots of humour and I even enjoyed the role plays which is a first! Pauline, Virgin Trains, Preston
  • Everything you teach can be taken anywhere and introduced into any issue or problem.  Lorna Hancock Virgin Trains, Glasgow
  • The fact that you gave your time and support to my son helped him to see what his life could be.  We thought we had lost him. C.C. Mother of former gang member
  • TCFCT worked swiftly and efficiently towards resolving the problems they had been asked to address. Sue Burnett, Anti-Social Behaviour officer, Greensquare Housing, Wiltshire.

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“The mediation services were able to move the Local Authority and interested parties from a position of non-engagement and at times open hostility, to one of sitting round a table openly dealing with and negotiating suitable outcomes”Suzette Davenport, Deputy Chief Constable, Northamptonshire Police “I contracted TCFCT to help resolve some long term neighbour disputes which had been running for years, costing the organisation thousands of pounds in officer time. The tenants involved were happy with the outcomes which were agreed and all parties remain positive today”.Sue Burnett, Anti-Social Behaviour officer, Greensquare Housing, Wiltshire “Jonny & Kirk’s knowledge, passion and depth of expertise in mediation and negotiation was amazing. This was without exception THE best delivered workshop I have ever attended. It serves as realistic measures to improve conflicting situations in the workplace”.Katharine Cole, Virgin Trains Scotland  & Cumbria
Kirk Dawes, Managing Director of TCFCT is pleased to announce that The Centre For Conflict Transformation has become a registered Community Interest Company (CIC)

“For the past 8 years we have continually utilised a fair element of our surplus funds to support some of those in the community, to follow their ambitions thereby becoming useful members of society.
We have also supported organisations such a those involved in the development of young people in various sports and performing arts, who also provide mentoring in respect of the futures of those involved. Continued education is also key to some of our goals. Becoming a CIC reinforces our commitment to work for the public good”.